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Website Design

What to expect

When creating a website there are a few extras needed as well as a designed website. 


1. Website

2. Hosting (Somewhere to store the website)

3. Domain name (your www. address).

4. Email hosting (somewhere to store and receive your emails, if needed)

A website only needs to be created once (unless updates or redesigns are requested). Hosting, Domain and Email have a continued yearly cost. We can work with third party domain providers and email services, however the website needs to stay on our hosting system due to the templates we use.


First contact

Collect required demo data

We build a demo site

Tweak the demo site

Finalize the demo site and agree any extra features.

Quote drawn up with 50% payment required

Images and photos


Google Business, Bing Business, Instagram, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot

Website Analytics

Site launch

1 Week Site Review

1 Month Site Review

Close of Project

You contact us to start setting up a demo site

We contact you with a form to work out a draft demo site. We will ask you for some basic details including any websites you like and business type. We will ask for ideas you already have, if you already have a domain, Facebook and Instagram account.

We build a demo site at no cost or commitment with up to 5 pages. Plus any features you chose from the form above.

We work with you to tweak the demo site for a full experience of your final product.

We agree a site map (all the pages and how they connect). Agree any extra features (these can increases the cost). Agree a time scale and any other requirements.

A final agreement from all the above is drawn up and a quote is sent over. 50% of the cost needs to be paid to progress.

We will build the site with royalty free images and photos. if you have your own photos or images you would like us to use, we will setup a secure file share.

We use the keywords from the original form to build your keywords. These are used by google, bing, yahoo, etc to rank your website.

If you haven't already setup Google Business, Bing Business, Instagram, Face Book, Trip Advisor or Trust Pilot. We will set these up for you. They all help towards you google rankings.

We setup your google analytics, if you haven't already created these. We setup the standard reports to be sent to you on a monthly basis. We also setup a keyword monitor for different search engines. For more details on analytics check our dedicated page.

Final 50% of quote is paid. The site is launched.

Site review after 1 week to check google rankings

Site review after 1 month to check google rankings and google analytics. Tweaks make if needed.

The project is closed and any further work is completed through block hours. For more information on block hours, please check our dedicated page.


  • Basic site with no more than 10 pages

    • Staring £500​

  • Basic site with more than 10 pages

    • Starting £550​

  • Advanced site with the ability to take payments

    • Starting £600​

  • Bespoke site with specific requirements​

    • Starting £600​

Image by Angèle Kamp