We believe in low cost managable websites

Website Design

We build website to your requirements based on a vast set of templates. This speeds up the process and saves you money. We will build and design a base site without any commitment, then when you are happy we will complete the site and invoice you.

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SEO Managment

SEO is the method used to increase your rankings in search engines. A ranking is how close to the No.1 spot your site is listed when someone searchers for you. Google is our main focus, but we also monitor Bing and  Yahoo.

We can also monitor search engines results from other counties, not just the UK.


Website Analytics

Website analytics are key to understanding customers on your site. The analytics capture every visitor, how long then spend on a page, which pages they visit and much much, more.

However they can be confusing with the large amounts of data collected. We can guide you through the reports.

Every website design package we setup gives you free monthly reports.


If you already have a site and are happy to give us access to your google analytics, we can run free reports. You can then use block hours against this for advice or tweaks on your site.

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Block Hours

Rather than signing you up to a contract and fixing you in. We use a very flexible block hour system. You can use block hours against any service, except a full website design.